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The Best Basketball Films To Stream, When There’s No Basketball.

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

The Coronavirus has shut down the NBA and pretty much everything else in it’s wake. In lieu of school closures and many working from home, we at ‘nique are sharing our favourite selections of basketball movies on your streaming services. So, while you’re practicing self-quarantine, social distancing or just suffering from basketball withdrawal — here’s the best in hoops Netflix, Prime Video & Disney+ have to offer.

Status: All-Star. Surprisingly Netflix didn’t have the biggest selection, but it didn’t suffer from a lack of quality.

First Team: The Carter Effect If you question the impact that Vince Carter had on basketball in Canada with the Toronto Raptors, this doc has all the answers. Q-Ball An engaging documentary taking you inside the San Quentin Prison, where inmates use basketball as a tool for rehabilitation. Iverson The most iconic and misunderstood player of this generation, tells his story, his way in this dynamic documentary. High Flying Bird Ironically, is the story of an agent and player in the midst of a basketball lockout and how they try to get the league back into action again. Coach Carter With it’s cliches and formulas, it’s easy to forget it’s based on a true story. Yet Samuel Jackson’s performance is solid in this feel good drama.

6th Man: Giants of Africa An amazing look at how Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri, has been developing players and people across the continent.

Honourable Mention: Uncut Gems because of KG & Basketball Or Nothing A docu-series on a high school team based on the Navajo Nation reservation.

Status: All-NBA. With an abundance of titles, Amazon could have fielded it’s own bracket of hoop films – the following titles are it’s elite.

The Big 3 White Men Can’t Jump Billy Hoyle and Sidney Deane are two hustlers that team up to take people’s money, it’s like a buddy cop movie, but basketball. Hoop Dreams Arguably the best sports documentary ever made, following the journey of two Chicago kids on their quest to play in the NBA. Hoosiers A small town Indiana high school team, and a big time underdog story.

All-Documentary First Team Hardwood Nominated for an Academy Award, the film explores the relationship between director Hubert Davis and his father through basketball. Medora A struggling high school team, in a small, struggling rural community. This is a film about a squad looking for hope, in one victory. Chi-Town Following Keifer Sykes on the come up as the next big thing out of Chicago through high school and college, as the violence evolves in the Chi. Red V. Blue What’s beef? The intense, instate rivalry between the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky that has spanned generations. Year of the Yao Chronicling Yao Ming’s first year in America, the 7'5" centre adjusts to a new country, new culture and the NBA.

All-Family First Team Air Bud I misremembered thinking that Bud can dunk, but he doesn’t. However, the dog pretty much does everything else on the court. Thunderstruck Kevin Durant loses his talent to a 16-year old boy and needs to get his skills back. Teen Wolf The name says it all, Michael J. Fox is a teenage werewolf, which enhances his popularity and his skills on the court with his high school team. Like Mike Lil’ Bow Wow is an orphan who finds a pair of MJ’s old shoes which give him the power to play like him. With cameos from s a ton of NBA players. Uncle Drew Kyrie Irving reprises his Pepsi Max persona to help a friend win the Rucker Tournament, and brings along some friends.

Honourable Mention: Comedy By Blake, a Blake Griffin stand up special.

Status: Rookie. Disney+ is new in the game with only four movies to pick from, all of which are wholesome hoops, of course.

Glory Road Based on the true story of the first African-American players to compete against white teams in the NCAA tournament. Full Court Miracle The Philadelphia Hebrew Academy team is looking for a new coach to help get them out of a slump - enter Lamont Carr. The Luck Of The Irish A teenager must face off on the court against an evil leprechaun for a gold charm, to save his family. Double Teamed Based on the true story of the Burge twins, (Heidi & Heather) during their high school years, before they became pros in the WNBA.

Happy viewing and stay safe!

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