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“The Scheme” Chronicles The FBI’s Two-Year Sting Inside College Hoops

The headline sounds crazy doesn’t it? In 2015, the FBI ran a two-year undercover investigation on college basketball, looking at NCAA coaches, players, sneaker companies and middlemen for improprieties …and guess what? They found them. However any casual hoops fan, or anyone with access to Google could easily arrive at a similar conclusion. This was basketball’s worst kept secret.

On Tuesday, March 31st, HBO Sports will be premiering The Scheme, a documentary that examines the case, the players and the charges. More importantly, how Christian Dawkins “criminally masterminded” a six figure pay-for-play enterprise - to influence top recruits to go to the college’s he suggested. So why the use of quotations? Because unbeknownst to Dawkins, he was orchestrating massive cash payments to top high school prospects with the help of adidas and undercover FBI agents. Not saying he’s innocent, but it definitely feels like The Scheme will highlight a different perspective than the FBI would have you believe.

We’ll be watching.

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