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Six Children’s Basketball Books To Get Them Through The Hoop Hiatus

While we provided some basketball book suggestions in our last installment, we recognize that kids are home from school as well (driving you crazy) during this time of self-isolation. So in an effort to ween them off YouTube & Netflix, we wanted to suggest some ‘nique approved books for young readers across varying age groups.

For The Love Of Basketball from A to Z, by Frederick C Klein (preschool - adulthood) First off, the art in this book is insane! When you’re done reading, you’ll be tempted to frame the illustrations and put them up on your wall. The rhyming is great to read to small children, but the larger sections let even the older audience learn about the greats. This is a stats book, hidden inside a children’s ABC’s book, it’s good for kids from 1 to 12 and a keeper for your shelves.

B is for Baller: The Ultimate Basketball Alphabet, by James Littlejohn (preschool — kindergarten) Simply the dopest beginner reader you’ll find for your kids bedtime story time. This time when the Bird for B chirps it’ll be because Larry was smack talking. When your child asks “Why the guy on H looks so mean?” you can pull out your phone and show clips of Shaq ripping basketball nets down, and justify it with your partner by saying you were just continuing the education.

Salt In His Shoes, by Deloris Jordan (kindergarten-grade 2) The book is obviously about Michael Jordan, but it definitely takes on a motivational tone. It’s got all the feel good moments, and lessons we want to instill in our children about not giving up and how to succeed when things are tough. Salt In His Shoes is a great one for us, with short kids who love the game.

The Magic Of Basketball, by Kayla Alexander (grade 1–5) A great read for young girls, The Magic of Basketball shares the value of lessons learned through life’s journey of pursuing a dream. Written in rhyme, illustrated by the author and filled with inspiration, it makes for an enjoyable story on how far that little orange ball can take you. However, this story is based on the life of the author, showing that dreams can come true.

5-Minute Basketball Stories, by Sarah Howden (grade 2–5) Bond over the great games and moments your child missed out on, by not being born in time. Since you’re telling them anyway… you may as well get the facts right. There are 12 action-packed short stories from Jordan’s “Last Shot,” Candace Parker’s rise to legendary status, and all the way back to the OG James Naismith’s original peach baskets.

Jump! by Floyd Cooper (grade 1–5) Jump! is a picture book that tells Michael Jordan’s childhood challenges of trying to be a basketball player. Wonderfully illustrated by Cooper, the book shares how Jordan had to find ways to overcome the obstacles to be good enough to beat his nemesis - his older brother Larry. It’s a great book for any young child to read and begin learning that being better at something means getting over one hump at a time.

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