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nineteen ninety-’nique: In Vintage We Trust

Josh Roter and Chantal Varela have been longtime purveyors of fine, quality and enduring vintage goods. In 2010, they started an eBay store called In Vintage We Trust and savvy product knowledge, incredible finds and a deep inventory helped them build an international clientele. Four years later, they opened the doors to a retail store in Downtown Toronto, and quickly cemented themselves as ‘nique’s favourite vintage spot.

Focusing mostly on menswear, their basketball selection is thorough, from game-worn jerseys and warm ups, to a wide range of apparel. If you’ve ever seen their Instagram stories, you know Josh - he weighed in to answer some questions for nineteen-ninety ‘nique.

Favourite sneaker?

Too many from too many eras. Nike if you’re listening, (which you aren’t). The people (all five of us) want an Air Force V retro!

Favourite jersey?

Just one? Sheesh, although I love, and I mean love all the incredible alternates and

"Turn Back The Clock"’s put out in the golden era of basketball aka the 90’s, I think I’d have to say an original Toronto Huskies because of its local history and lore surrounding it. Spoiler Alert: No one has seen one in 70 years...

Favourite player to watch?

It’s pretty well documented at this point, that the shop has a sometimes too intense appreciation for awkward European big men. We’ll go with the Joker (Nikola Jokić) and the Matador (Luka Dončić).

Pick one player who wears #10: Mike Bibby, DeMar DeRozan, Tim Hardaway or Dennis Rodman.

Are we alone on a mountain saying that liking Rodman in 2020 is like starting to wear dunks in 2007? Kinda been there done that. Bibby was so fun to watch, plus he played in Canada during an incredible time for basketball growth - and he wore every Jordan of significance ever on court. So yeah the other Mike!

Bucket list basketball destination?

Springfield (Hall of Fame) is special, we’ve been there, also shot like 1,000 photos of

everything there. But to see a round of madness either in the Gardens via NYC or Indiana would be super life altering.

Favourite movie?

BBall wise, let’s go with Baltimore Boys. Psycho good flick about the phenomena of

Dunbar boys basketball, and the greatest high school team ever. It also touches onrace and class in Baltimore, it’s special. Also our Homie Ryan Sidhoo crushed one a few years ago called True North, if you don’t know, now you know.

Your vintage hoops grail?

Again, not fair, but will say that sourcing a rookie Rik Smits Pacers jersey was and still is a lifetime goal, would also settle for his senior Marist jersey. Told you we’re serious about European centres!

Favourite book?

In terms of basketball reading the ABA opus Loose Balls will literally change the way you view the modern game from a business perspective and really shows you have far the sport and league has come. The part about how the Spirit of St. Louis are still getting paid by the league for never playing a game in the NBA is mind boggling.

High tops or lows?

Highs, but not just highs, like real hi’s, like James Worthy New Balance p800 high, not the wincy 790, need that extra plastic around the ankle for coloration purposes. Also adding the Avia 880, if you’ve seen it you’ll understand why it’s here.

Duke or North Carolina?

I literally get little pieces of last night's dinner crawling up my throat when I even say that first school you mention, can’t do it! UNC!

Best rapping NBA player? (past or present)

Dunno, Artest had some bars mang, and Webber came off nice a few times, but

probably Shaq because of the amount of bangers he put out. Loved the production on “Lost In The Sauce” by Malik Sealy, RIP.

Bird Or Magic?

Cold. So hard to choose. Never ever saw anyone do what Magic did on the floor.

Reading about his upbringing and how many hurdles he went through, and how

humble he was and still is around the game of basketball, makes him a bit higher up on the pantheon.

Ja Morant or Ja Rule?

Literally just had to google who Ja Morant is, not that listening to Rule was ever a full time hobby, but more the era familiar to folks of a certain age, you know?

Favourite Vince Carter memory?

Without a doubt it’s Game 3 of the 2001 Sixers vs. Raptors series. AI went off in Game 2, but VC was unconscionable in Game 3 and put up his own 50-point performance. Plus, it was the high sock and sweatband era Vince, which is a personal favourite.

Favourite Team logo?

Rainbow Nuggets, not even up for debate.

Who's your female GOAT?


What's your basketball "got a story to tell?" (meeting a basketball personality, or something at a game)

In 2006 Peace Magazine (now defunct) gave me the huge opportunity to

cover the worldwide release of the LeBron IV in Portland at Nike

Headquarters. LeBron was at USA Basketball HQ in Colorado, so he was

taking one question from every media outlet during a quick session. I

asked a question essentially paralleling the success on and off the court

the Jordan IV had, to his own shoe. He gave a very professional LeBron

answer that didn’t answer anything, nor left me room to ask a follow up.

Before I stepped down off the podium, he yelled for me to turn around

because he wanted to know where I got my chain from, (I was wearing a

Gabriel Urist sneaker pendant). Told Lebron “nowhere” or “can’t

remember,” so yeah sorry LeBron, but the drip was too saucy to share

back then.

If In Vintage We Trust had a team in the Big 3 next year, who would be on it?

White Chocolate, Brian Grant, Scott Pollard. Don’t call me Chuck Daly, but I think that’s a winning combo.

OG jersey: Raptors vs Grizzlies?

Dino, you know the resume...

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